Air pressure can also be measured with the free „PhyPhox“ app. This app can read almost all data from the smartphone sensors on request. Many modern smartphones also measure the air pressure.

You can download the app here:



Doing the experiment

After opening the app, an overview with all sensors of the smartphone appears. Sensors that cannot be read (here e.g. „light“) are greyed out.

Select the „Air pressure“ sensor for the experiment.

The window for reading out the sensor data opens. After pressing the button „play“ n, the measurement starts.

In the experiment, the button „play“ should be pressed just before the start of the cable car. At the end of the cable car ride, the measurement can be stopped again.

You can see the finished measurement. A screenshot can be shared by selecting the „three dots“ or the data can be exported to Excel for further evaluation.

Measurement result:

If you did everything correctly, you should see a curve similar to the following:

At first the air pressure is constant (cable car has not yet started). As soon as the gondola departs from the mountain station, the air pressure gradually increases. When the gondola comes to a stop in the valley station, the air pressure remains constant again.

The picture shows the journey from the mountain to the valley. When going up with the gondola, the curve would be correspondingly different.